Daniel Hansen

OMNIA Global Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur Daniel Hansen has a unique outlook on the world of work, surrounding his business, collaborators and clients with people who are innovative, creative and as passionate about work as they are about quality of life. He has been building businesses his whole life, and he knows the mindset of entrepreneurs and the challenges they face.

Daniel founded OMNIA Global as an innovative investment house, which looks at the market in a unique way, with clients who have a mindset of freedom and financial independence.

He believes in challenging conventional thinking across financial markets, enabling growth for like-minded entrepreneurial people and projects. He creates smart financial solutions for people who want to do better – from family office services, equity leasing, asset-backed financing to funding film productions. “At OMNIA Global, we take nothing more seriously than the business of investing other people’s money, and treat it as if it is our own.”

His vision for the future is to expand the brand, using its own financial tools to expand the business through its subsidiaries, and to invest in other companies, which fit the OMNIA mindset. He’s also committed to developing the Omnia Foundation. For Daniel, the Omnia Foundation is personal, improving quality of life for people and animals that need help.

A Danish native living in Switzerland, Daniel is not your typical businessman. You will rarely see him in a suit and tie, and he prefers to hold meetings outside of traditional meeting room settings. He created his first company aged just 16, selling computers to farmers. He then ran a business making booking systems for the hospitality industry. Later Daniel worked in IP telephony, before turning his attention and business acumen to investments and creating OMNIA.