OMNIA Bonds II plc

We generate investments backed against heritage in order to fund the future


OMNIA Bonds II plc issues notes to raise funds secured by fine art owned and pledged by wealthy individuals, foundations, orders, charities or corporations. The funds are then lend to OMNIA Private Equity AG which focuses on buy-outs in the micro-cap market of European and American companies demonstrating earnings of EUR/USD 1-10m and yearly growth rates of more than 20%.


The investments of OMNIA Private Equity AG are backed by fine art and classic car collections, which are the highest yielding alternative asset classes over the last decade.

Use of proceeds is targeted towards private equity investments within buy-outs in the micro-cap segment, which currently is the highest yielding ordinary asset class according to Bain and Cambridge Associates.

Besides the annual coupon of up to 7.25%, investors in OMNIA Bonds II plc do not participate in either upside or downside of the investments done through OMNIA Private Equity AG, as they are fully secured by collateral of high value assets pledged to OMNIA Bonds II plc.

Within the bond period, the portfolio companies are taken public.

By floating the companies as well as receiving dividends from the portfolio of companies, OMNIA Private Equity AG is able to pay the annual coupon of up to 7.25% as well as the principal upon maturity.