Up to 7.25 coupon / Fully asset-backed / 5-year term


The OMNIA Bond raises funds secured by high value assets owned and pledged by wealthy individuals, foundations, orders, charities or corporations. The funds raised at 50-75%, depending on the bond, of the value of the assets will be used to fund investments made by OMNIA Private Equity AG.

Within the bond period, the portfolio companies within OMNIA Private Equity AG are taken public through a portfolio holding company. By floating the companies and achieving a higher valuation of combined earnings than if privately held, as well as receiving dividends from the portfolio of companies, OMNIA Private Equity AG is able to pay the annual coupon to its bond investors as well as the principal upon maturity. 


  • Our bond is collateralised by minimum 125% by the highest yielding assets, which have been yielding over 15% per year over the last decade, making the bond safer than real estate
  • Deployment of proceeds is into the highest yielding ordinary asset class; private equity growth and value added buy-outs in the micro-cap space securing the repayment upon maturity as well as the coupon
  • OMNIA Private Equity AG hedges its risk by floating its portfolio on growth exchanges, where the trading multiples can be several times higher than the acquisition multiple creating a very profitable exit
  • The valuation and trade multiple of micro- and small-cap publicly traded companies are over four times higher than our acquisition multiple, highly safeguarding the profitable exit needed to repay bond holders upon maturity
  • Our portfolio is unleveraged making it cash flowing through dividends from the day of acquisition. This makes us able to pay the coupon when needed
  • Low risk private equity investment framework of buy-outs in companies with EBITDA of EUR/USD 1-10m with 20% annual growth, no or little debt and high free cash flow
  • Low acquisition multiple of below 7x earnings with public market multiple trading average in Western Europe of 22.9x earnings creating high upside for OMNIA Private Equity AG safeguarding the bond holders upon maturity
  • Bond proceeds are fully deployed within six months from sale making our dividends and cash flow from the portfolio able to pay the coupon long before its needed
  • As the funds raised are lend to OMNIA Private Equity AG, the loan agreement between the issuer, OMNIA Bonds II plc and OMNIA Private Equity AG, further protects the bond holders