Our investment strategy


We invest in like-minded people, entrepreneurs and hardworking people who want to do better, and who want to make a significant difference and impact on the world.

Secondly, we invest in healthy profiable businesses that demonstrate annual growth of 20% or more, and we only seek to invest in companies where the management team has a successful track record. 

Furthermore, it is important to us that we do not invest in businesses that have a negative impact on the environment or the community that they operate in. 

We focus on sectors such as technology, entertainment and consumer goods, which can demonstrate as well as cope with rapid growth.


  • Target EUR 1-10m EBITDA companies
  • Very synergic companies may vary in EBITDA
  • Geographic region of preference, but not limited to, Europe and US
  • Yearly growth rate or potential of 20% p.a.
  • Experienced management team
  • Good chemistry between target management team and OMNIA’s team
  • Portfolio companies build up should have synergic effects within the portfolio
  • Aim at taking the portfolio companies public before 24 months from acquisition
  • Stake size from 30-100% and preferably around 40-60%
  • Opportunity driven approach more than set boundaries
  • Constantly adaptable to the current market
  • Buy, build and hold strategy
  • Hedging risk early by recouping principal invested when companies in portfolio are taken public


  • Buy-outs within private equity with growth-based and value add as strategy is the highest performing ordinary (alternative) asset class currently
  • Buy-out funds with focus on mid-cap and below with growth and value add as focus is the highest 28% performing funds of the total of private equity funds in the world
  • The 28% best performing private equity funds yielded over 35% p.a. year for the last five years
  • By having an entrepreneurial team, our deal flow is higher than our demand for inflow
  • By providing our portfolio with value add, we experience a lower acquisition multiple as sellers see OMNIA Private Equity AG as partners more than investors. We aim at an acquisition multiple below 7x earnings where market average is 9.9x in Europe and 10.5x in the US
  • By building a synergic portfolio, the success rate among the companies in the portfolio increases